"Pousada very charming, with a really nice pool area, including a children's pool. Room with air conditioning. igood breakfast. Very well maintained garden, where we can observe several species of native plants such as orchids and bromeliads."
Comments, via TripAdvisor, 01/16/2014


"The hostel is cozy, the place is blessed with greenery, trees and orchids, the owners are attentive, the breakfast is wonderful (colonial coffee.).We've Stayed with my family three times and have only praise to do".
Ione Leal via facebook day 03/22/2014

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  • Condomínio Mirante de Lençóis s/n Lote 19, Lençóis, Bahia 46960-000, Brasill
  • + 55 (75) 3334 1356 / 75 9 9997-0034 (vivo)/ 75 9 9215-4096 (Tim)

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Starting point for the most beautiful trails, the chapada diamantina- to 494km from salvador city.
Was elected for the 4th consecutive time,one of the top tourist destinations in Brazil.

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