"I really enjoyed this hostel, the cottages are really nice, with mesh in front of the house, a small but nice pool, a very good breakfast. Only access to this hostel is not very good, but the accommodation there is great" .

  Elaine N. via TripAdvisor on 15/01/2013
(illustrative photo)

This is exactly how you feel when here in Pousada Mirante de Lençóis.

"Quality Inn, great space, for those who enjoy tranquility and great breakfast."
Amanda Cristina via facebook day 30/04/2014

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  • Condomínio Mirante de Lençóis s/n Lote 19, Lençóis, Bahia 46960-000, Brasill
  • + 55 (75) 3334 1356 / 75 9 9997-0034 (vivo)/ 75 9 9215-4096 (Tim)

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Starting point for the most beautiful trails, the chapada diamantina- to 494km from salvador city.
Was elected for the 4th consecutive time,one of the top tourist destinations in Brazil.

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