"Many family"

"I really enjoyed this hostel, the cottages are really nice, with mesh in front of the house, a small but nice pool, a very good breakfast. Only access to this hostel is not very good, but the accommodation there is great" .

  Elaine N. via TripAdvisor on 15/01/2013
(illustrative photo)

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  • Condomínio Mirante de Lençóis s/n Lote 19, Lençóis, Bahia 46960-000, Brasill
  • + 55 (75) 3334 1356 / 75 9 9997-0034 (vivo)/ 75 9 9215-4096 (Tim)

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Starting point for the most beautiful trails, the chapada diamantina- to 494km from salvador city.
Was elected for the 4th consecutive time,one of the top tourist destinations in Brazil.

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